Sat 23
Billingham 3TM
Middlesbrough A
A Gascoigne, C Robinson, P Crawford, N Winstanley
C Robinson

Match preview

By Richard Morrison
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So last week the season took a dent, out of the county cup but heads were held high, with the number of injuries and none availability, to be winning with 14 men until the last couple of minutes took character and guts. Saying that, whats done is done so we look forward to this weeks challenge, again we have no less than 11 out through injury and none availability so it says a lot about this squad to be able to fulfill the fixture.
We know from earlier in the season and especially the 2nd half this is going to be a challenge, nobody has dominated us like that 2nd 40 at Middlesbrough in my memory. The great thing about rugby is, there is always a chance to put things right, this is our chance.
Saturday Middlesbrough have to come to our home, a place we are still unbeaten in over 2 years. A fortress we need to defend with everything we have. There will be no room for any half heartedness, we have to give it all. Yes we have been hit, but as a wise man once said 'it's about how hard you can get hit and keep coming forward, that's how winning is done.' So what am I asking? I am askin that regardless of the result, when we come of that pitch on Saturday, can everyone look at themselves in the mirror and say, 'I gave my all'
If you are injured, please get down, the lads will need the 16th man to support, what else is there on a Saturday anyway?
3,3,3TM #OSIOS
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Sat 23, Feb 2019



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