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Joined Half Way Through Last Season We Finally Caught Up with Luke Armstrong!!

Joined Half Way Through Last Season We Finally Caught Up with Luke Armstrong!!

By Mike Brown
4 August
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Luke joined last season following his time with the RAF coming to an end.

Luke has demonstrated on his couple of outings last season he is capable of stepping up to the plate. An elegant passer with a huge boot he will certainly will challenge for first XV shirt this season.

Your first proper preseason for Billingham since being home….. Hows it going for you?
- it’s been good to be honest, if I could get rid of shin splints I’d actually enjoy it! There is a healthy competition between the lads to push each other on and a really good vibe.

· How have you settled in?
- having been round the lads for years it’s no different for me but getting to meet all the new additions has been great! Some lads have turned up wanting to play a better standard of rugby and really haven’t disappointed. Not really enjoying having to see Danno get changed every week but it can’t all be good I suppose.

· Who have been the biggest influences since you have been here?
- players like Luke Wilson, Mike Whinn and Dan Burns helped me massively at the back end of last year but Danno Finney really has pushed me this year especially mentally. I think people forget about that side of the game sometimes!

· Have you any goals for the upcoming season?
- Personally I’d love to say lock down a position all year but im happy to be the lanky back line Swiss Army knife. As a team there’s only one goal and we all know what that is.

Favoured position?
- 10/13

Who has inspired your career to date?
- Luke Wilson, Anthony Jackson, Matthew Kirby, Jobe Roxby, HJM… in the sense of just wanting to get out, play with your mates and have a pint after. Oh and Peter Youll’s hair when it whips in the wind.

Worst banter at the club?

- If everyone doesn’t pick Spoors I will be very surprised.

Quick fire questions:

Pineapple on pizza?
- Criminal

Tea or coffee?
- Yorkshire Gold Tea

Forwards or backs?

Pizza or parmos?
- Parmo Wrap, garlic, chips

Nightout or night in?
- Night out then back door job with HJM to get the above

Ruck or maul
- Mall because I can stand and watch forwards cuddle each other

Most inspirational leader?
- Russell Wilson

If rugby disappeared what would you do?
- I’d be a lot happier. Probably play full time golf with scratch golfer Jobe Roxby.

What 3 people would you invite to a dinner party dead or alive?
- Lena Paul, Bridgette B and Alexis Fawx.

Good luck with the season Luke


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