Billingham complete the double over Blaydon

Billingham complete the double over Blaydon

By mike brown
10th February
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Back into second we go!

The ending of the game was like a fairytale story.

The game started with Blaydon dominating possession and really showed their physical dominance from the outset.

2 early scores and a penalty kick saw Blaydon take and rightly deserved lead.

However chinks started to creep into Blaydons armour with Blaydon starting to drop off tackles.

Billingham became more involved in the game and started to score points. Peter Evans was able to control more at 10.

Blaydon still had a strangle hold on the game... They weren't going to be beaten and it all seemed to be over when Blaydon scored in the 77th minute.

Billingham came straight back down the field. A bust by Peter, another carry by Dixon saw a ruck 15 metres out from Blaydons line. Out of no where a dashing blond Prince who goes by the name Sean Richardson appeared from the ruck with ball in hand to gallop under the posts. 22-22. A conversion to come!

And it was head coach and talisman Peter Evans that kicked the goal for Billingham to take the win. 24-22

Let's be honest. Billingham were lucky in their victory. Blaydon dominated the game. But it was with grit and determination that saw Billingham through.

The victory puts Billingham back in to second spot.

There was also 2 other big wins for the Lions and 3TM respectively.

A great day All round


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