What kit does my child need?

If your child has just started to play rugby then you may be wondering what kit they need. The answer is relatively little as we want to keep rugby affordable for our junior and mini members.

1. Footwear. Specialist rugby boots are available but not necessary, most children play in football boots BUT standard football studs are not allowed as they have sharp edges which are dangerous for other players. If your child’s boots have screw in studs please replace them with specialist rugby studs available from any sports shop or the Club Shop (25p each). Bladed boots are discouraged because of concerns over the potential to injure other players and the increased chance of the player slipping.

2. Now buy nothing until they have played several times in the wet and cold and still like rugby!

3. Mouth guard. This is strongly recommended for contact squads – u9s and older. Your dentist can make one or you can buy one off the shelf and mould it in hot water. £6 from the Club Shop.
4. Training kit. As long as they have the right boots they can train in any appropriate kit they have.
5. Match kit. Most squads have a set of playing shirts they hand out before matches and take back after so there is no need to buy a shirt. From about u11s upwards club shorts and socks should ideally be worn.
6. Ties. Youth members (u13s and older) normally wear a shirt and club tie after matches. Any shirt such as a school shirt is fine. Clip on ties are available for the mini players if required.
7. Other items such as Hoodies, track suits, kit bags, training tops are available from the Club Shop but are not necessary. If your child has been playing a while they make ideal Christmas or birthday presents but please don’t feel you have to buy these in order for your child to play rugby.